Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Remembering A J Varghese - my Hindi Teacher, Don Bosco High School Irinjalakuda

Remembering A J Varghese - my Hindi Teacher

Late Mr. A J Varghese - Class Teacher and Hindi Teacher, Don Bosco High School Irinjalakuda. (Died 10 Dec 2008)

Do not know any other way to say sincere thanks to him, his classes, his dictatorial days, which seemed to be the most cruel of our existence in this world, especially when he has the cane in his one hand. But later on, looking back, those days cemented the basics of a wonderful journey ahead. May your soul rest in peace Sir.


KK Moidu said...

Most of us forget the primary and high school teachers, who cemented the basics of our long journey. But u not only remmber them but also expressed ur sincere thanks in a creative way. Good Sketch.

Premnath K Menon said...

I Still remember that day when I was murmuring from the last bench with my deskmate, my Hindi teacher, A J Varghese shoot a piece of chalk on my head as asked to get out of the class. I was so afraid that time, not because master was angry, but because i will have to wait outside the class room waiting for the Head Master (Varghese Thannipara) who decends anytime from his room. If I am caught, for sure i will be summoned to his room and expect severe punishment.

But not turning back those memories (horrible on those days) are sweet enough, that i wanted to go back to my childhood once again.
Don't any one you feel the same ?