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Wish you a creative 2010

Wish you a creative 2010

We wish you all a Happy, Prosperous, Peaceful, and Creative 2010.

Let harmony and friendship prevail.

God bless you all.

Ramesh Menon
Abu Dhabi

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009



My story is about Sanju, who spent his money wisely fulfilling
the true spirit of Christmas.

What would you do if you find money in your "Piggy Bank?"
especially near Christmas Time? We would surely go to the nearby shop
perhaps to purchase gifts for our loved ones, and decorations for our home.

Well, it was Christmas Eve, and Sanju was very happy. He had opened his Piggy Bank
and counted the money. Finding Rs. 500. Oh how Sanju jumped with joy.

Sanju wanted to buy greeting cards to give to his family, friends and teachers.
He wanted also things to decorate his house. Sanju put on his best clothes,
and with a whistle strolled to the market place. What a wonderful sight it was
all the shops decorated with Christmas trees, colourful lights; and there
standing is Santa Clause in front of the shops.

Sanju was very excited, walked into a shop and started selecting
the cards, then he heard suddenly a feeble voice.

“My dear child,” Sanju turned back, and he saw an old man with curious eyes.
Sanju smiled at the man. The man continued, “My dear son, my grand child
is very sick and the doctor has prescribed medicines and I don’t have money
to buy it. Please give me money to buy the medicines.” The man started crying
bitterly. Sanju was moved. He looked at the cards and at the man’s eager eyes.

Sanju now determined to help the man by taking the prescription and walking
to the medical shop. He obtained the medicines, going then with the man to his
house. They reached a hut, Sanju saw the man’s grandson, sick in bed, wearing
shabby clothes. Sanju gave the medicine to the boy, and the man thanked Sanju
for helping him.

Sanju walked out of the house proudly and with a smile on his face for
making use of the money for a good cause.

MORAL: The true spirit of Christmas is to help others who are really in need.

Short story written by:

14 YRS

Poetry - OH! LOVELY ROSE by Joanna Giselda Sherlin


Oh! Lovely Rose,
With petals so red,
Like the crown on a Queen’s head.

Oh! Lovely Rose,
With a stalk so green,
Like the robe worn by the Queen.

You are of colors red, white and Pink,
And every other color,
Anyone could think.

Everyone gets delighted,
Bright like the lamp that is lighted.

So beautiful art thee,
So beautiful ever could be.

Written by

Joanna Giselda Sherlin
Grade ix
Castletown High school

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Short Story by Ashwin S Nair - The Naughty Elephant

Short Story by Ashwin S Nair - The Naughty Elephant

Once upon a time there lived a small kingdom of monkeys.The kings name was Mojo.
They lived happily with all the food and peace.After two months a big trouble has occured.

All the food bacame scare.Mojo asked his minister to find out the reason.The minister searched everywhere but but didnot find a reason.

After a few days minister recieved an information.Something huge was stealing the food.The king worked out a strategy.In the midnight behind the bush,near the banana tree Mojo and his minister were hiding.After five minutes a huge elephant appeared in front of them.He ate every single banana on that tree.When his stomach was full he was fleeing away.

Next day Mojo aanounced everything to his kingdom.The king was very confused.If he didnt take an action it would be like "going to the dogs".Suddenly he got an idea.He had some friends.An ant,a bee and a frog.All together made a strategy.

At the midnight when elephant came to steal the bananas,the ant bit him.The elephant ran .Suddenly the bee stung on his eyes.He ran blindly towards a cliff.The frog was under the cliff croaking!Hearing this the elephant thought that it is a pond and jumped to the cliff and fell down.He was badly hurt.From then on he never stole anything.Mojo was happy.He thanked his friends.


Shorty story by Akshay Iyer - Tree of Life

Shorty story by Akshay Iyer - Tree of Life

He couldn't believe that he was going to be a father. Swati had called him as soon as she had got the report. Positive... it was incredible! For seven years, they'd tried for a baby. Then, they gave up trying. Now, after a decade of hopelessness, the miracle had happened! He had to get her a gift. A diamond pendant? No, a rock seemed so cold. A bouquet of red roses? That was so trite! As he waited for the light turn to green, he spotted the nursery by the road. The line-up of green plants nodded to him. It was a moment of epiphany!

He went home with a sapling of a gulmohar tree. Swati loved it. Since it would soon get too big to pot, she found it a patch of good earth just below their balcony and planted it there. Over the next nine months, it grew along with the baby. Then, Shantanu tumbled into their lives. He brought with him chaos and cries, yet they cherished him and their tree, that was now within handshaking distance.

Five years later, they lost Shantanu. Who would have suspected that a lingering fever would turn out to be meningitis? It was only after he was gone that both Swati and he blamed each other and themselves for not taking him to the doctor sooner. Neither said a word though, only retreated into a world of their own that was cold, silent and seething with unvoiced feelings.

The tree continued to grow. Its slender branches reminded him of his son's outstretched arms. Its rain-spotted leaves of his tears. It's bright blooms of his workbooks splattered with paint. Suddenly, he could not bear it anymore. It's easy to plant a tree but really difficult to cut it down. But he managed to get special permission and one day left for work expecting it to be gone by the time he returned home.

The call late in the afternoon took him by surprise. It was Swati crying hysterically. She'd returned from a shopping spree to see a stranger hacking at her tree. "He's already cut off his head," she wailed. He quietly explained to her that it had been his decision. Her distress turned into icy rage, "How dare you? I've lost one child, now you're taking another one away from me too." He realised his mistake then. The tree that for him was a painful reminder of a child lost, was her consolation. He'd moved away from her when needed him the most. Only the tree had stood steadfast, gently swaying to the rhythm of sweet memories.

Their tree was gone but its loss had opened his eyes to what he was in danger of losing. That night, they didn't sleep on opposite sides of the bed. They stayed up, talking about their baby. By the time the sun rose, the seeds of a new beginning had been sown. That evening, on his way back from work, he stopped to buy his wife a gift. It was a gulmohar sapling. They planted it at the exact spot where the other one had stood. And together, they waited for it to grow.

Writer: Akshay Iyer
Class: XI
Age: 17
Location: Mumbai, India

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Celebrate Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010 with Talent share

Celebrate Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010 with Talent share

An unexpected live on air interview with Anirudh of 89.1 Radio 4 FM has given me an opportunity to showcase the recent submissions and the objective of Talent Share initiatives.

Enjoy their presentations as you listen to me online in this video.

The journey till now has been the result of a dedicated and sustained effort, with interest from a group of children and their parents. Many times, when I visit schools, I see excellent pictures displayed on the notice boards. After a few weeks, many of them disappear from there to nowhere. I repeat my call to all arts and crafts teachers, parents and schools about It is very simple, all the creative works by children, whether it is a poem, short story, coloring, sketching or art work or even a project, please send to Talent Share. Just take a scan, or a photo and email it to me at or even upload it directly at Talent Share Fan page on Face Book.

The joy for them to see their work is immense. The inspiration achieved to greater things from then on is tremendous and have to be experienced. It will then be part of a history. A history that is being created by our own efforts. A display of writings, and art works. Children of this world is slowly getting affected by SMS (Short Message) syndrome. We have to take proper guard at the appropriate time.

Spread the word around, enjoy visiting with your friends and families and encourage those who participate. As the language slip happened during this interview, this is a match between the have’s and have not’s. And if we have a chance, we will create a world full of have’s.

God bless and have a great journey ahead.

Ramesh Menon
Abu Dhabi
17 December 2009

Please visit this link to see the video

Dear Fans and members of Talent Share,

I am happy for the participation and encouragements each members are getting here, when they post their creative work. I also note the improvement each time they present. Based on suggestions and feedback from members, we have now decided to extend the deadline of the "Celebrate Christmas 2009 with Talent Share" online competition to 3rd January 2010. We feel this will give an opportunity for children to observe more closely the Christmas and New Year activities they see around and come out with more creative submissions. All the best in advance and look forward to more participation.

Ramesh Menon
23 Dec 2009.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rhym - Little shiney star by Ashwin S Nair

Rhym - Little shiney star by Ashwin S Nair

Little shiney star!
Little shiney star!
How can you shine brightly?
It is the time for a little fun,
Can you play with me?
Can you play with me?
Little shiney star!
Little shiney star!
Are you feeling sleepy?
It is the time for a little nap,
Goodnight! to my friend
Goodnight! to my friend.

Rhym written by Ashwin.s.nair
(10 years now
6 years when I wrote this)

Poetry - Christmas written by Ashwin S Nair

Poetry - Christmas written by Ashwin S Nair

You have made such a mess
When its time for christmas
You are knowing
That its time for snowing
Its time when all are free
And decorate the christmas tree
There are no hells
The town is full of bells
We should obey laws
Its time for santa claws
There are no rents
Its time for family and friends
I like a ball
I wish merry christmas to all!

Poem written by Ashwin.s.nair
(10 years)std-5th
sandeepani vidhya nikethan,thrissur,kerala,

Poetry - KINGFISHER by Ashwin S Nair

Poetry - KINGFISHER by Ashwin S Nair

There is a thing you've always heard

The kingfisher is a wonderful bird.

Meat is my favorite dish

The kingfisher likes to eat a fish.

You should never tell a lie

The kingfisher flies in the sky.

If somebody goes you say bye!

It flies very high.

After four comes five

The kingfisher spies with its eye.

My turn always comes last

The kingfisher swoops down very fast.

It goes underwater with a splash

It comes out happiliy holding a fish.

Poem written by (Ashwin.s.nair) ,STD-5-B,



Every bird has a feather

I have a naughty brother.

I always like to go to a fair

My brother jumps here & there.

Numbers 1 2 3 4 five

My brother never knows to drive.

I have a friend who's name is Bob

Jumping is my brother's job.

In Hindi for fat we say Motti

My brother is very very naughty.

Oh! where oh! where I kept my file

My brother has a handsome smile.

I am very happy a lot

Oh! what a naughty brother I've got

Poem written by:


Poetry - Morning Glory written by Ashwin S Nair

Poetry - Morning Glory written by Ashwin S Nair

It was a great dawn
A new day was born
The sun started peeping out
Really big and stout
With out any warning
Comes out the morning
Everyone knows it's dawn
They wake up with a yawn
Someone has lied
It's cold outside
The sun gives us light
It's very very bright
The day's full of excit
Don't make it too tight

Poem written by Ashwin.S.Nair

Poetry - The Night of the Tiger written by Ashwin S Nair

Poetry - The Night of the Tiger written by Ashwin S Nair

It's very dark in the village
With night blooming all over
No lignt and no fire
When everyone is in bed
All behind the peacefull village
Lies the creepy forest along
Slowly walking tipy toed
The tiger sees a scaredy toad
It walked straight to the village
Waiting paiently for an attack
It's eyes were shining very bright
The villagers were in a great fright
They took sticks and chased it over
And there was peace allover!

Written by:

Sandeepani Vidhyaniketha School, Thrissur ,Kerala

Poetry - Parrot written by Ashwin S Nair

Poetry - Parrot written by Ashwin S Nair

There is a thing you've heard
The parrot is a talking bird.
You might have many brothers.
But the parrot has green feathers.
Your drain must have a leak
The parrot has a red beak.
Your friend's name might be Billy
The parrot likes to eat a chilli.
You like to play with a bat
The parrot always hates the cat.
I have a friend who always sings
The parrot has beautiful wings.
Your grandma might be very aged
But don't put the parrot in a cage!

Sandeepani Vidhyaniketha School, Thrissur ,Kerala

Poetry - Maths by Disha Dadlani

Poetry - Maths by Disha Dadlani


Math is a bad dream
You see the paper and start to scream
Algebra and geometry
is a mystery
And factorisation
It puts me into tension
Oh how I wish I had a choice !
To choose some other subject we should raise our voice
And formulas , oh so many
All so confusing a...nd they look so funny !!
To understand a sum you need concentration
You need to be focussed you need to pay attention
In Math you should always use your brain
One small mistake and all the hardwork - down the drain !!
About Maths I have poured out all my feelings
But friends tis is not the real thing
To you this fact now I bring
Maths is a subject sooo rare
Of this subject you should take care
However bad it makes your day
Study this subject - it pays

Poem written by:

Disha Dadlani Disha Dadlani
The Millennium School Dubai
Grade 9

Tuesday, December 1, 2009