Monday, October 25, 2010

Paintings by Eden Cawang

Paintings by Eden Cawang

Title: My brown lion version 2010 based on the Lion King Movie
Size:60 x 75 cm

Definition: - Painting of a lion using Tonal painting - to create the effects of light and shadow, and 3-D objects. The amount of light or dark in an object or an area is called Value or this kind of illusion is called the illusion of form.

35 x 25 cm - Title: Dinosaur Footprints (painted in January 2009) inspired by Jeanifer Alvardo.

These two footprints, 1 pair belongs to Mother and the smallest pair is the footprints of the baby dinosaur surrounded wih twin snakes appearing above the painting

A3 size paper – Painted this copying the original photo from Tim Harwin album. This woman is a Ma├ísi lady (warrior lady) of South Africa, she was photographed while she was walking.

Title: Sweethearts
Size:45 x 35 cm
Definition - Painted this Giraffe Lovers

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