Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Short Story by Ashwin S Nair - The Naughty Elephant

Short Story by Ashwin S Nair - The Naughty Elephant

Once upon a time there lived a small kingdom of monkeys.The kings name was Mojo.
They lived happily with all the food and peace.After two months a big trouble has occured.

All the food bacame scare.Mojo asked his minister to find out the reason.The minister searched everywhere but but didnot find a reason.

After a few days minister recieved an information.Something huge was stealing the food.The king worked out a strategy.In the midnight behind the bush,near the banana tree Mojo and his minister were hiding.After five minutes a huge elephant appeared in front of them.He ate every single banana on that tree.When his stomach was full he was fleeing away.

Next day Mojo aanounced everything to his kingdom.The king was very confused.If he didnt take an action it would be like "going to the dogs".Suddenly he got an idea.He had some friends.An ant,a bee and a frog.All together made a strategy.

At the midnight when elephant came to steal the bananas,the ant bit him.The elephant ran .Suddenly the bee stung on his eyes.He ran blindly towards a cliff.The frog was under the cliff croaking!Hearing this the elephant thought that it is a pond and jumped to the cliff and fell down.He was badly hurt.From then on he never stole anything.Mojo was happy.He thanked his friends.


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Vijayan said...

Very good,Ashwin.. You have the knack of story telling.. continue the good work! take care on the spellings.. all the best.