Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Poetry - Maths by Disha Dadlani

Poetry - Maths by Disha Dadlani


Math is a bad dream
You see the paper and start to scream
Algebra and geometry
is a mystery
And factorisation
It puts me into tension
Oh how I wish I had a choice !
To choose some other subject we should raise our voice
And formulas , oh so many
All so confusing a...nd they look so funny !!
To understand a sum you need concentration
You need to be focussed you need to pay attention
In Math you should always use your brain
One small mistake and all the hardwork - down the drain !!
About Maths I have poured out all my feelings
But friends tis is not the real thing
To you this fact now I bring
Maths is a subject sooo rare
Of this subject you should take care
However bad it makes your day
Study this subject - it pays

Poem written by:

Disha Dadlani Disha Dadlani
The Millennium School Dubai
Grade 9

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