Monday, February 15, 2010

Talent Share Readers Club - Light Music by Ashwin S Nair

Dear Fans of Team 1 Talent Share,

"Team 1 Talent Share - Young Readers Club". Children are encouraged here to read a poem or story. They may read from what they study, read or even from their own writing or even as you see here, exhibit their music skills. Presenting to you our all rounder, ASHWIN S NAIR, 5th STD, SANDEEPANI VIDHYA NIKETHAN THRISSUR, KERALA.

Encourage him with your comments and blessings.

Ramesh Menon

14 February 2010


BALAJI K said...

Congrats Ashwin ! nice voice and a very good rendition ! keep it up! - K.Balaji,Bangalore

Manoraj said...

Congrats Ashwin..