Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Talent Share Readers Club - Poetry Recital by Mishal Nazarudeen

Talent Share Readers Club - Poetry recital by Mishal Nazarudeen

Mishal Nazarudeen, reciting a poem named "Kaadevide Makkale" written by Sri Ayyappa Panicker.

"Team 1 Talent Share - Young Readers Club". Children are encouraged here to read a poem or story. They may read from what they study, read or even from their own writing.

Encourage him with your comments and blessings.

Ramesh Menon
09Feb 2010

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BALAJI K said...

Wonderful Mishal! a very good job! nalloru kavithaye vaLare phangiyAyittu vAyichu ! keep it up! -
K.Balaji, Bangalore