Monday, January 11, 2010

Message to members - Creative themes for January 2010

Creative Themes for January 2010

Ok, it's winter, raining in the Middle East and Opening of Burj Khalifa in UAE.

As suggested by our members, let et that be the theme for January 2010. Any creative activity - drawing, painting, coloring, or poem or short story related to these could be presented.

That doesn't mean members cannot submit woks on any other topsi. The other day, I came across a friend whose young son wants to paint an elephant in yellow and he was compelling him to color it with black. The boys argument was - in Dubai, they paint statues of horses in different color, so why not my elephant in Yelllow? That ws an example of Creativity Unpluged.

So, wish you the very best to present your creative works with the following themes:

- winter.
- raining
- Burj Khalifa

To honor our commitment to the society and to involve ourselves as a group who values social responsibilities, I suggest each of the participating members to create any interesting item (drawing, coloring, posters, poetry, story etc) with regards to Health, Safety & Environment.

This particular topic, i.e. HSE will be permanent for every month. Post your ideas which you value match the importance of HSE around you, your school, your home, or society.

Talent Share would like to say thanks on behalf of all these little artist's to the arts and crafts teachers who teaches them the basic at school. Very soon, we will have a reward for such patrons in recognition for their encouragement. Schools, teachers, arts & crafts specialists - please note.


Ramesh Menon
11 January 2010.

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