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Short Story - Kindness repays by JOANNA GISELDA SHERLIN

Short Story - Kindness repays by JOANNA GISELDA SHERLIN

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack. He was kind. He loved animals very much. He longed to have a puppy. However, his mother was against the idea.
One day on his way back from school, he could hear the barking of some dogs. He stopped and he listened carefully. Oh! He could hear the moaning of a dog, in pain. He walked closer. Alas! He saw a puppy surrounded by some bully dogs. Jack was sorry for the puppy. He immediately chased all the other dogs and took the puppy in his arms. Jack examined the puppy carefully. There were some cuts and bruises all over its body and it was bleeding. Jack opened his water- bottle, cleaned all the wounds and decided to take it home. However, Jack knew that his mom would never allow him to have a puppy at home. He immediately prayed to Jesus to change his mom’s mind.

Jack went home with the puppy in his hand. He called out, “Mom! Mom! I have brought something for you. Please come out,” Jack waited for sometime. His mom came out. She was angry to see Jack with the puppy in his hand. “’ What is this Jack?’’ his mom shouted. Oh! Mom, please let me keep this puppy with me. I promise to take care of it and I will see that it will not disturb you. Jack looked eagerly at his mom. His mother thought for sometime and with a smile on her face she said, ‘’ Alright Jack, you can keep it’’. Jack jumped with joy. Oh mom, I love you so much. He hugged and kissed her.

Jack kept his school bag aside, took the puppy, gave it a bath, and applied some ointment on the wounds. The puppy started licking Jack. He was very happy. He patted the puppy and kept it on his lap. Jack decided to name it Bruno. Jack and Bruno became good friends. They both went for a walk in the morning, and played in the evenings. Bruno was always behind Jack. As promised to his mom, he took good care of Bruno. Everyday evening Bruno eagerly waited at the gate for his friend, Jack to come back from school.

It was a rainy day. It was raining heavily and the wind was blowing harder and harder. Bruno waited patiently for Jack to return from school. However, Jack did not turn up. Bruno ran inside the house, barked at Jack’s mom, and ran to the gate. He sat down in the rain and started moaning. After sometime, Bruno ran outside the gate in search of Jack. He barked louder and louder and ran here and there.
After sometime, Bruno heard somebody calling his name. He listened carefully. He recognized the voice. It was his little master’s voice. Bruno was very happy. He barked louder and ran towards Jack. He saw Jack in a pit, unable to move. Bruno barked and circled round the pit. He was so sorry that he was unable to help Jack.

Bruno thought for sometime, and ran back home. He pulled Jack’s mom and started to run. She understood that something was serious and followed Bruno and soon reached a pit. Bruno looked inside and barked louder. Jack’s mom looked inside too. She could see Jack in a very bad position. She was terrified. She said, “Jack, just hold on. I will help you out”. She shouted for help. People ran to her help. They rescued Jack out of the pit. Bruno licked Jack. Jack’s mom kissed him.

Jack’s mom, with tears in her eyes, picked up Bruno, and hugged and kissed him. She said, “Bruno, thank you for saving my son’s life. I am extremely sorry for not taking care of you. I love you a lot. Now you have become a member of our family”. Bruno was very happy. He licked mom and ran about wagging his tail. Jack was very happy for Bruno for winning mom’s heart.

MORAL: Be kind to others so that you can be rewarded.

Short Story written by:

14 YRS

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