Saturday, January 16, 2010

Poem - A wing and a prayer by Abdulla Essam - January 2010

Poem - A wing and a prayer
by Abdulla Essam

This is a poem about a persistent bee.
Always busy and never free.
He now finally has his weekend.
Shall he fly in schools or hang with his friend.
The school is closed and his friend is on holiday,
But he will not miss his weekend, no way.

So up to the mountains he flew.
He went alone, without a crew.
He found a man who weighed 102 pounds.
He seemed larger than three and a half hounds.

The man sat on a log having a sandwich.
A treat like that, the bee wouldn’t ditch.
It buzzed around, there was no one to hurt,
And got swatted without an alert.
The bee fell and landed in the sand.
With a bent wing, he tried to stand.

The man stepped on it with all his might,
but the bee was innocent, he didn’t want a fight.
The bee didn’t want to die, not like his brother, his sister, his uncle, nor his mother.
He didn’t want to meet the same fate,
So determination from the heart, he did create.

The bee kept trying to fly till he got it right.
Because it wasn’t time to see the light.
The man felt sorry, kneeling before the bee.
Now finally the bee is free.
You’re wrong if you think that’s the end.
That is the beginning of the bee’s rough weekend.

Poem - A wing and a prayer
by Abdulla Essam
Grade 8A,
AGS Abu Dhabi

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